We look forward to the opportunity to act as your booking agent for your travel needs. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the services of VIP AFRICA Ltd. When you use our services or make a booking with us you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions. 

These terms and conditions (the “Agreement” or “Contract”) describe what you are legally entitled to expect from us when you purchase travel related services through us, in addition to your obligations as a customer.

VIP AFRICA LLC will design, develop, finalize and book all logistical requirements as per -, or closely matching as possible. And though we operate as a Destination Management Travel Company to and through Morocco, we may also be able to offer attractively enticing services & products in other continents, if offered the appropriate opportunity, either directly, or through various organizations and individuals in partnerships and collaborations.

Please ensure that all information provided to us, either directly by yourself or by any representative or third party acting on your behalf, is in fact complete and exactly correct, as any errors or omissions may have immediate or subsequent adverse impacts and effects (please refer to “the contract”).

Whenever and if ever any (further) information or decision is requested on either of our parts, we shall endeavor to respond within 5 working days, or give a read receipt. However, apart from if a minor/non-material confirmation is requested, we shall consider that you understand it has been read/received. Also, as best as possible offer 2 working days for our reading, if not responding finally, then responding and confirming that we’ll revert at the soonest to you, with the needful as appropriate. 


All prices are subject to change without prior notice, which may occur by reason of matters outside our control which can increase the cost of the relevant product or service. Such factors include currency fluctuations, fuel surcharges and taxes increases. Please contact your consultant for up to date pricesVIP AFRICA has the right to substitute hotels or tour components, change routing or cancel any tour or portion thereof should it deem necessary.



All prices are quoted in Euros (€) or Moroccan Dirham (MAD) and are subject to change based on the currency fluctuations and the rate of exchange at the time of payment. Payment must be made in full BEFORE the passenger’s arrival.

*Payment can be made in Dirham to our account in Morocco through a swift bank transfer. If the Swift transfer is not in Dirham, it must be converted in accordance with the official exchange rate that day.

A copy of the Swift transfer must be scanned and emailed to us. Swift bank transfers take up to 3 weeks to post so please make payment well in advance of client’s arrival.


*Due to variations in the international currency, any payment in foreign currency will be based on the official exchange rate posted by Banque du Maroc on date of issuance of the invoice. Payment must be received in full within thirty (30) days of receipt of the invoice. Any accounts paid after that thirty day period may be subject to the application of a different exchange rate.


 All expenses incurred by VIP AFRICA LLC, in its attempt to collect payment, including but not limited to attorneys fees, court costs, accrued interest, communications expenses, other expenses related to litigation or collections, and any consequential expense of late or non-payment, will be the sole responsibility of the booking agent.


  Any cancellation must be e-mailed to VIP AFRICA LLC

*For FITs-For cancellation received within 6 days before the scheduled date of arrival, a 350 DH booking fee will be charged. The client will also be charged for any suppliers’ fees we are not able to avoid due to the cancellation. For any cancellation received after that 6 day deadline, client will be responsible for 50 per cent of the cost of the first day of services plus any charges incurred.

Cancellation fees will apply based on the contract signed by both parties. All cancellations must be made in writing.



VIP AFRICA Ltd reserves the right to refuse bookings from any prospective clients that are deemed unsuitable.

Should you require a booking timeline to be extended, VIP AFRICA LLC will offer alternative hotel/service options, if they are not available at the time of booking.

Limitations of our responsibility & acceptance of yours – we’re compassionate humans and if ever & wherever possible, if there is some reasonable way to limit/minimize and even negate any incurred liability, we’ll do our reasonable utmost to do so – but such is not a material clause of our terms & conditions, just a “thumbs up”? On our characteristic attitude

Force Majeure

We will do our best to ensure and take care in offering you a hassle free travel experience. However, there may be occasions due to unforeseen circumstances, wherein services maybe disrupted.

VIP AFRICA is solely an agent providing you, the client with various services like transportation, hotel accommodation and other services. VIP AFRICA LLC will not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident or delay due to any act or default, loss of enjoyment or force majeure or acts of God, sickness, labor disputes, wars, mechanical breakdowns, government actions, weather or any other unforeseen events caused outside of the company’s control.