Nestled in the Pearl of the North, Tangier, VIP AFRICA was founded out of passion and zest for travel in order to respond to the exacting needs and specific requirements of the discerning and prestigious travelers seeking upscale and luxury services.

We have accumulated years of experience in the field and have been successfully able to accommodate the needs of a large number of customers worldwide as our overall philosophy mainly relies upon clients’ satisfaction. We know how important your vacation is and that you would make every effort to make it rewardingly unforgettable, that is why we take your stress and make it ours.

Do you want to save time and avoid the meticulous travel planning and the hassle it may incur? Are you looking for an exotic destination that can offer mysterious experiences while enjoying your vacation with the best maximum of comfort and luxury? Are you looking for a locally-based travel company specializing in luxury travel to accommodate you,your clients, your family, partner or friends?

You knocked at the right door. You have certainly selected the best luxury travel agent available in Morocco. Thanks to our lengthy and significant experience in the tourism industry and the vast nationwide network of suppliers we have built, we can guarantee the best customized travel services.


Welcome to VIP Africa where our passion is to turn your travel dream into reality.

With more than 20 years of experience starting as a 10 years old camel man in the desert to later become a luxury concierge all over Morocco, VIP Africa is a lifelong dream come true and the culmination of many years of perseverance and tenacity.

As a polyglot speaking 6 languages, I have always dreamt of exploring the world and discovering its hidden secrets.  My ultimate objective was to build a broad and sound knowledge about other cultures and exchange with people from distinct backgrounds in order to be the best ambassador of my own self.

I worked on bringing together and training a trustworthy and professional team that is available 24 hours a day to provide unfaltering dedication in assisting our highly valued clientele through according special attention to the minutest details which make a great difference.

If you are looking for a concierge partner in Morocco, my team and I will be glad to provide you with a wide array of diversified tailor-made services that will undoubtedly meet your exacting requirements.

VIP Africa’s uniqueness resides in its team’s strong determination and tireless efforts in making the impossible possible.

If you want to make sure that we work 24 hours a day, just give us a call and we will gladly respond to all your inquiries with great delight and pleasure.

No matter how big and wild your dreams might be, VIP Africa will spare no effort to make them come true from start to finish down to the finest detail. We are here to make you believe that perfection is attainable.

I am keenly looking forward to welcoming you to Morocco.

Aziz Benami – CEO & FOUNDER


VIP AFRICA – Luxury Travel & Events forms a private, Limited Liability Corporation based in Tangier in the north of Morocco and organized by its founder Mr. Aziz BENAMI. We have also our main representatives and tour coordinators in Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Fes, Agadir and in Merzouga whose commitment to efficiently meet your personal travel requirements is outstanding as well as insuring that you are having an ideally excellent vacation.

VIP AFRICA is managed and directed by local multilingual professional travel consultants who know Morocco as the back of their hands, and whose primary commitment is to share the best of the Morocco with visitors seeking unique travel experiences.

Mr. Aziz BENAMI serves as CEO. He has been an ardent in the Moroccan tourism industry, accumulating years of academic and practical experiences in tourism. He is an exceptional tourism marketer, visionary business leader and effective public speaker. Mr. Benami has a knack for easily recognizing opportunities and developing staff members to take advantage of those unique situations. Mr. Benami can assemble staff of experienced tour professionals to oversee and market our operations.


Our mission is to devise new mode of travel that joins authenticity with exploration by providing unique, luxury, package, and adventure travel experiences for the independent travelers being national or international.

We are committed to gaining an excellent reputation within Morocco and the world alike as we believe we can achieve our goals by exceeding the client’s expectations and therefore deriving their satisfaction, which is easily evidenced by repeat bookings as well as favorable word-of-mouth comments. VIP AFRICA seeks to distinguish itself as a specialist in the field of luxury travel and to be recognized for offering exceptional service and anticipating the needs and desires of its clients. A company that is run efficiently by local professional travel consultants, who have accumulated years of experience in tourism industry, and whose adopted unique philosophy of work will enable not only those who receive, but those who give it, to enjoy the service and the product. The main mission of VIP Africa is to enable everyone to be pleased with the professional, reliable, and first-class services of the company.


The story of VIP AFRICA – Luxury Travel & Events is a fruit of years of theoretical and practical experiences in the tourism sector. Our upbringing in the Sahara Desert helped shape our perception of travel as an entity. Morocco is undoubtedly diversified culturally and naturally speaking; strategically positioned being the closest gateway to Europe from Africa and vice versa. For this reason, VIP AFRICA has been launched with the main aim to put our past rewarding experiences into a real business that would go far beyond the details of Travels and Events by sharing the deep-rooted heritage of Morocco through unique experience activities.

To achieve our goal, we have solidly adopted a unique philosophy of work that strikes the balance between authenticity and exploration while maintaining the maximum of comfort. Our itineraries are meticulously planned offering ideal opportunities to experience the real Morocco as we create a generous space of cultural immersions.